Oid, oid lo que nos manda Dios

Oid! Oid! Lo que nos manda el Salvador;
Marchad! Marchad! Y proclamar mi amor,
"Pues he aquí, Yo con vosotros estaré,
los días todos hasta el fin os guardaré"

"Id, id por el mundo;
Id, id i proclamad el Evangelio"
Id, id va adelante
El Todopoderoso Salvador.
Gloria! Gloria! Aleluya a Jesús! (bis)
Nuestras almas Él salvó,
Nuestras manchas Él lavó:
Proclamemos, pues, a todos su amor.

Pensad! Pensad la condición del pecador!
Que triste es! Que llena de dolor!
Sin luz, sin paz, camina a la eternidad,
Y no conoce el peligro en que está.

Salid! Salid embajadores del Señor!
Buscad! Buscad al pobre pecador!
Aprovechad el tiempo que el Señor os da,
Muy pronto el día de salud acabará.

Mirad! Mirad, la hora pronto llegará!
Jesús vendrá su reino a tomar;
De mar a mar habrá prosperidad y pas,
Sus alabanzas cantará la humanidad.


Awake, awake

Awake! Awake! the Master now is calling us,
Arise! Arise! And, trusting in His Word,
Go forth! Go forth! Proclaim the year of jubilee,
And take the cross, the blessèd cross of Christ our Lord.


On, on, swell the chorus,
On, on, the morning star is shining o'er us;
On, on, while before us,
Our mighty, mighty Savior leads the way.
Glory, glory, hear the everlasting throng,
Shout "Hosanna!" while we boldly march along;
Faithful soldiers here below, only Jesus will we know;
Shouting "Free salvation!" o'er the world we go.

A cry for light from dying ones in heathen lands;
It comes, it comes across the ocean's foam;
Then haste! Oh, haste to spread the words of truth abroad,
Forgetting not the starving poor at home, dear home.

O Church of God, extend thy kind, maternal arms,
To save the lost on mountains dark and cold;
Reach out thy hand with loving smile to rescue them,
And bring them to the shelter of the Savior's fold.

Look up! Look up! The promised day is drawing near,
When all shall hail, shall hail the Savior King;
When peace and joy shall fold their wings in every clime,
And "Glory, hallelujah!" o'er the earth shall ring.